Ramps are made to get abused. That's the hard truth. That's why we've strength tested our ramps to handle anything you reasonably want to jump with: skateboards, scooters, BMX, MTB, inline skates, even pit bikes are all approved for launch. Cars and large motorcycles, ehh, now it's getting iffy...

We think it's fair to cover your ramp for 6 months on any factory issues you face with the approved sports above (or other sports similar). We will work with each case to determine the best course of action, and in each case, proof of purchase is required (e-receipt will suffice).

Warranty Policy

The following is covered under warranty:

  • Manufacturer defects
  • Bent and/or broken ramp (when being used with approved sports above)
  • Torn or broken rubber skid pads
  • Broken steel plate

The following is not covered under warranty:

  • Damage caused by improper installation and adjustment
  • Damage caused by usage with unapproved 
  • Lost rubber skid pads
  • Lost steel plate
  • Lost bolts for steel plate installation
  • Replacement parts from warranty claim

The following will void the warranty:

  • Product modification (applied extenders/risers, any drilling into the wood, sanding the ramp surface, attempted bending)
  • Purposeful damage of product
  • Failure to provide proof of purchase (your e-receipt will work)

Warranty Terms and Conditions

Warranty claims can only be made for products within 6 months of original purchase date. Warranty claims are for the original purchaser and are non-transferable. Proof of purchase must be presented at time of claim. Launch Ramps, its distributors, and its retailers reserve the right to exchange a damaged product with an alternate model and color. Launch Ramps, its distributors, and its retailers reserve the right to deny any warranty claim.

Shipping Warranties

Due to the high costs of international shipping, Launch Ramps, its distributors, and its retailers reserve the right to require half the cost of shipping to send replacement parts to the customer. 

Filing a Claim

You must file a claim with the store you purchased the Launch product from. If you purchased directly from LaunchRamps.com, or Amazon, send an email to info@launchramps.com. Please include the following information:

  • Email Subject: Warranty Claim
  • Name
  • Shipping Address
  • Phone number
  • Description of what happened
  • Photos of broken/damaged product
  • Proof of purchase with date shown