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The Kicker is the perfect reason to get back outside.

launch is committed to

fight teen dating violence

Launch Ramps is proud to announce its partnership with non-profit, Fight Against Domestic Violence in its efforts to fight Teen Dating Violence.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Most ramps slide when I hit it full speed. This one doesn't even budge. The three no-skid rubber pads work like a charm.
— Nick O.
Customer reviews
I take this ramp to work. When I need a stress break, I hit the parking lot. I can't get enough of it.
— Braden H.
Customer reviews
I can jump super high on this ramp!
— Driggs L (6 years old)
Customer reviews
It's perfect.
— Kaden
Customer reviews
I wish I would have had one of these ramps when I was a kid.
— Jake P
Customer reviews
Smoothest ramp I've ever hit. I want one.
— Vince L
Customer reviews
I felt comfortable sending a backie on my third pass.
— Zane P.