In the early months of 2020, a pandemic was growing from a distant corner of the world. Quickly, it became one of the most life-changing events for most people living on Earth. In spring of the same year, my wife bought me and my kids pro-level scooters. It also became a life-changing event. When the world panicked, me and my boys took to the skatepark, and taught ourselves how to stop, go, grind, drop in, and fly out. We were enamored with the skatepark and all the fun had there. We started looking for ways to bring it home and realized there weren't a lot of great options for solid, quality ramps on the market. That's when we decided to make this life-changing course even bigger. After a few months of researching, planning, and aligning finances, we pulled the trigger on a ramp we believe has the potential to carry a new skatepark brand to the forefront of the industry. 

We consider ourselves lucky to be on this ride together, and we hope you will come along with us. 

Thanks for visiting our site. 

September 13, 2021 — Shane Larsen

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